The ALS Association is the only national non-profit organization fighting ALS on every front. The Association funds global research collaborations, assists people with ALS and their families, and advocates for better public policies for people with ALS. The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter proudly serves the ALS Community in Central Illinois, Greater Chicagoland, and Northern Illinois, building hope and enhancing quality of life while urgently searching for new treatments and a cure. For more information about The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter, visit our website at

Creating a Healthier World

The NAHA is an organization dedicated to improving the health and lives of individuals and communities through exercise, nutrition, and healthy life patterns. 


Americans are inactive and unhealthy which contributes to many chronic diseases that burden the healthcare system both in time and cost. This trend is not sustainable for individuals nor the future of the American health system. We want to be a leader in the promotion of health and the primary prevention of disease in the United States.

Team Members
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Dr. Shawn S. Wallery Founder
Doctor of Chiropractic
Medical Doctor

Medical Director of Neurovascular and Stroke
Medical Director of ALS Association Clinic
Board Certified in Neurology
Board Certified in Neuromuscular Medicine
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine UICSOM

Duke University Integrative Health Coach Professional
Certification Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA)
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Anthony Cook Registered Nurse
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Anthony Winstead Digital Media Contractor
Web Development
Web Hosting
Aerial Photography
4K HDR Video Production